Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Lucy Burdette's "Unsafe Haven"

Lucy Burdette is the author of the popular Key West Food Critic mystery series. Her alter-ego, clinical psychologist Roberta Isleib, has also published eight mysteries including the golf lover’s mystery series and the advice column mysteries.

Here Burdette dreamcasts an adaptation of her first novel of suspense, Unsafe Haven:
I am super excited about the launch of Unsafe Haven, my first thriller after 19 cozy-ish mysteries. This was a bonus book that I had about given up on when my agent sold it to Severn House. The publisher designed a wonderful cover, and the book tells a great story (she said modestly.) Here’s what accomplished thriller writer Hank Phillippi Ryan (USA Today bestselling author of Her Perfect Life) had to say about it:
Devastating, heartbreaking and completely immersive. This riveting story of fear and redemption, motherhood and second chances, and our responsibility to strangers is a powerful thriller proving one split-second decision can change our lives forever. Unsafe Haven has Hollywood written all over it!
And that started me thinking: What if it really was made into a TV show or a movie? Of all the books I've written, Unsafe Haven is probably the story most suited for that. I know that producers are looking for either the next squid games or something suitable for the Hallmark Channel. On the other hand, the popular and well-reviewed Mare of Eastown was a fabulous short series with troubled characters in a blue-collar setting who are full of heart. Ditto for the recent mini-series Maid. That’s the lane I can imagine Unsafe Haven traveling in as well.

Here’s a logline for the book: After giving birth in a subway bathroom and thrusting her newborn into a newly jilted bride’s arms, a teenage runaway teams up with that stranger to save herself and her baby from the ruthless sex trafficker in pursuit.

Addy is a teenager, small and fragile-looking and dark-haired. Elizabeth is a bit more solid, in her twenties, with blonde curls and blue eyes. Detective Jack Meigs (originally from the advice column mysteries) is in his fifties, with reddish curls tinged with gray. He’s gruff and intimidating on the outside, but tender underneath, reeling from his own kind of pain as a recent widower trying to handle his bereaved stepdaughter. Here’s who I might cast:

Angourie Rice from Mare as Addy. She turned in an amazing performance as Mare’s daughter and I know she’d be brilliant in Unsafe Haven.

Nicole Kidman must appear as Georgia—she’d be the perfect combination of welcoming on the outside and evil within.

Michael Kitchen from Foyle's War—he’s a bit older than Detective Meigs in the books, but is otherwise perfect—all those amazing facial grimaces. And he knows how to play a character dealing with loss.

Maybe Lily Collins of Emily in Paris fame for Elizabeth?

Molly Smith Metzler, Brad Inglesby, Stacy Sher—this mini-series is waiting for you to develop and direct!
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--Marshal Zeringue