Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Leslie Hooton's "After Everyone Else"

Leslie Hooton is the author of three novels. Her debut novel, Before Anyone Else, garnered a Zibby nomination. Her second novel, The Secret of Rainy Days, was a book club favorite. Her newly released third novel, After Everyone Else, is the sequel to Before Everyone Else.

Here Hooton dreamcasts an adaptation of After Everyone Else:
Thumbnail take on After Everyone Else: "Family Dynamic with a murder mystery mashup."

Bailey Edgeworth, a famed restaurant designer, is arrested for the murder of her ex-husband. If the murder accusation isn't enough she is trying to balance her husband, her "junior terriorist teenager" and her skyrocketing career.

I don't have particular actors in mind when I am writing however once the book is submitted my imagination runs free. Every time I watch a movie or TV show I think "Oh, he would be a good Griffin." or " She would be a good Bailey." In After Everyone Else, for Bailey I see Daisy Edgar Jones because there is something mysterious about both women, and I always pictured Bailey as a brunette. They are both strong, determined and I love their sense of style.

Griffin always struck me as lanky and scruffy. I see Anders Holm (Workaholic and The Mindy Project), but I wouldn't mind Andrew Garfield.

Julia Garner is having a moment. I love her spunk and confidence so I would love to see her as Charlie.

I have always thought of Henry as too good looking for his own good. James Mardsen with his beautiful eyes and hair is my Henry pick.
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The Page 69 Test: After Everyone Else.

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