Saturday, October 1, 2022

Alli Frank & Asha Youmans's "Never Meant to Meet You"

Alli Frank and Asha Youmans met working on an admissions team together at a private school in Seattle, Washington. Between the two of them they have over forty years of experience in schools and more fodder for novels than they will ever have time to write. Their first book, Tiny Imperfections was optioned by Regina King’s production company and Netflix, but then, well, Covid.

Their second novel, Never Meant to Meet You, out October 1, 2022, is currently in the hands of their fabulous agents at APA, hoping to find a team and a home that will want to adapt the book to screen.

Here the authors dreamcast an adaptation of the new novel:
When we are supposed to be writing but are brain dead, we often indulge our Hollywood fantasies and cast our imaginary friends and families from our books. With a big deadline due to our editor for our third book coming out in 2023, we happily set aside our laptops to finalize how we would cast Never Meant to Meet You for My Book, The Movie blog. Maybe, someday, a real casting agent (not just the one in our dreams) will take our input to heart!

Marjette Lewis – Regina Hall. We just have a feeling Regina Hall can do nosy neighbor with a heaping side of loveable right.

Darius Lewis – Jaden Michael. Perfect mix of a teenager who looks like he would be true to his mama but start pushing boundaries to assert his own independence.

Booker Lewis – Jamie Foxx. Sexy Ex, who, try as you might, you just can’t hate. That would be Jamie Foxx.

Noa Abrams – Leslie Mann. We need a funny, emotionally raw WASPY looking female actor who, if you squint, could maybe look Jewish, maybe.

Max Kopelman – Andy Samberg. Hot Jewish baker? Say no more. Andy was our easiest person to cast.

Judy Oliphant – Alfre Woodard. We have not seen a lot of Alfre recently, but we know she does a strong, opinionated Black woman like none other. We would like to see her again. In our screen adaptation!

Rachel Ellis – Christina Applegate. Have you seen Christina in Dead to Me? No question that she is the one to play the rich, bitch single mom. The true definition of a cougar on the prowl in her daughter’s kindergarten class.
Learn more about Alli Frank and Asha Youmans at the Alli + Asha website and on IG/FB/Twitter: @alliandasha.

--Marshal Zeringue