Tuesday, March 9, 2010

John McFetridge's "Let It Ride"

John McFetridge lives in Toronto and works as a staff writer for the TV cop show The Bridge, airing on CBS this fall. He is the author of the crime novels Dirty Sweet, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, and the recently released Let It Ride.

Here here suggests some actors who might best portray the characters of Let It Ride in a big screen adaptation:
Yes, I do cast my books in my head as I write them. My casting ideas don’t always make sense, sometimes I cast actors thirty or forty years younger than they are now, sometimes they aren’t even alive.

But I’ve worked a little in the movies and TV so when I’m writing a book I sometimes like to have things that I could never get on screen. I recently worked as a writer on the TV show, The Bridge, which will air on CTV in Canada starting March 5th and has been picked up by CBS in the USA (and 70 other countries), but no air date has been set. For that show we had six regular characters for each episode and six guest stars. We had two main standing sets and each episode shot three days in the studio and three days on locations. There was also some amount of night and day scenes that I never really understood.

So, Let It Ride has a lot of characters and a lot of locations. Some of the characters have been in my previous books and some are new to this one.

Of the new characters, the main one is Vernard ‘Get’ McGetty, a drug dealer from Detroit who joined the army and met some Canadians in Afghanistan shipping back huge amounts of dope. Get stayed in touch and in Let It Ride he comes to Toronto to make some deals. There are a lot of guys who could play the part. In my head it was a younger Don Cheadle. It could be Chris Bridges.

In Toronto Get meets Sunitha, a former massage parlour worker who’s now robbing spas. Writing the book I was thinking of Parminder Nagra from Bend It Like Beckham and ER. I hope the character is a little complicated and has some depth. She and Get have some candid conversations and start to question everything about their lives but are, I hope, realistic in their outlook.

JT has been in a few of my books now. I never believed that about characters taking on a life of their own but he really did. An unnamed ‘hangaround’ trying to join the biker gang in Dirty Sweet he became a character in Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and is back here. He’s Get’s contact from their military days. I always saw JT as a clean-cut, straightforward guy like Jason Priestly – maybe more from his 90210 days.

And there are a lot of other characters. The cops have been in previous books. Here homicide Detective Maureen McKeon is back from maternity leave (and having some trouble with that) and partnered again with Andre Price. I see McKeon as played by someone like Mary Lynn Rajskub and Price as Wes Williams, a Canadian actor who used to be known as the rapper Maestro Fresh Wes.
View the trailer for Let It Ride, and learn more about the author and his work at John McFetridge's website and blog.

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