Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Win Blevins' "Stone Song"

Win Blevins' many books include the novel Stone Song (which won the Spur award and the Mountains and Plains Booksellers award for fiction), three volumes of informal history, a volume of natural history, and a dictionary. He has also sold several screenplays and countless short stories and magazine and newspaper articles.

Here he shares a few thoughts on casting cinematic adaptations of his work:
If they make my book into a movie, they can use anyone they damn well please. One book was extraordinarily close to being made, directed by John Milius, with Clint Eastwood, got into pre-production and two months from shoot date and delayed. Never happened. Have been hired to write seven screenplays, nothing happened. Writing for movies is iffy enough--writing for particular actors approaches madness.
Visit Win Blevins' website and the blog for his alter ego, author Caleb Fox.

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--Marshal Zeringue