Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ed Kovacs's "Storm Damage"

Ed Kovacs has worked for many years as a private security contractor deploying to challenging locations worldwide. He is a member of AFIO, Association for Intelligence Officers, the International Thriller Writers organization, and the Mystery Writers of America.

Here he writes about the actors he could see playing the lead in an adaptation of his new novel, Storm Damage:
I don’t keep up with who the flavors of the year are, acting-wise. Since the hero of my crime novel Storm Damage is a genuine tough guy and MMA fighter who’s also smart and strongly ethical, I’d have to go with either Daniel Craig or Jason Statham, although my hero is written a bit younger. Statham because he’s physical and looks more like the character I imagined; Craig because he’s the whole package and brought a deadliness to the Bond role that had been sorely lacking for decades. No doubt there are many more great candidates and I probably make for a lousy casting director!

For my female lead I have no idea; I’d like to hear from my readers on that one. Before writing my books, I create about a five page, single-spaced backstory for each of my major characters. I do this even when I write screenplays, so I don’t need to be thinking about who would be good in the role. I have, however, gotten script-writing assignments for projects with stars already attached. The stars are seldom satisfied and often try to bring in their favorite writers for a dialogue “polish.”
Learn more about the book and author at Ed Kovacs's website.

--Marshal Zeringue