Thursday, December 22, 2011

J.J. Murphy's "Algonquin Round Table Mysteries"

J.J. Murphy, an award-winning health care writer in Pennsylvania, has also been a long-time Dorothy Parker fan.

She started writing The Algonquin Round Table Mysteries after the birth of twin daughters, as an escape from toddler television.

Here she shares some thoughts on adapting the series for the cinema:
Who could play the infamous Dorothy Parker and the members of the Algonquin Round Table in a movie? Fortunately or unfortunately, these were real people. So their appearances are already a matter of record.

Also, I’m going to cheat...I have my own poll on my website, so I’ll let the readers decide. Here’s how they voted:

Dorothy Parker. She was a petite, brown-haired, sharp-tongued young woman [photo left]. So the candidates for this role include Emily Blunt (with 9% of the votes), Rachel McAdams (with 10%), Ellen Page (15%), and Anne Hathaway (18%). But the winner is...Christina Ricci, with almost half (47%) of the votes.

Interestingly, write-in candidates include Helena Bonham-Carter, Selma Blair and even Lady Gaga (now that would make an interesting movie!)

Robert Benchley. He was a slender fellow with an oval face and a carefree, mischievous smile. Actors for this role include Jason Segel (with 5% of the votes), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (with 14%), James McAvoy (21%), and Edward Norton (24%). But the winner is...Ryan Gosling with more than one-third (37%) of the votes.

William Faulkner, as a young unknown, shows up in the first book, Murder Your Darlings. That’s a tough one to cast, and wasn’t up for a vote. Faulkner was a soulful, thoughtful man but with obvious weaknesses. Perhaps Michael Cera?

Harry Houdini, in the sunset of his career, appears in the second book, You Might As Well Die. Who could play an older version of this intense magician? Harvey Keitel played Houdini in a movie in 1997, so let’s bring him back for another go-round.

Casting an imaginary movie is a great game to play. But hopefully Hollywood will make the actual movie...someday. I’ll bring the popcorn!
Learn more about the books and author at J.J. Murphy's website and Facebook page.

--Marshal Zeringue