Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elisa Ludwig's "Pretty Sly"

Elisa Ludwig enjoys writing about teen outlaws, even though she herself has never been one. Pretty Sly is her second novel and the sequel to Pretty Crooked. She lives in Philadelphia, where she is hard at work on the third installment of Willa Fox's adventures.

Here Ludwig dreamcasts an adaptation of Pretty Sly:
I'd love to see an actress with a bit of an edge take on the role of Willa Fox, who is after all, a teen outlaw living on her wits as she crosses the country to look for her mother. One of my top choices would be Kiernan Shipka. On Mad Men she does such a great job of playing a teen caught up in her parents' drama. I think she'd capture Willa's bubbliness and naivete but also bring intelligence and resourcefulness to the part.

As for Aidan, Willa's bad boy love interest, I think someone like Nick Robinson would be great. He's a smooth character with the kind of charming smile that could convince a girl to bring him on a road trip. At the same time, I think he could handle the mysterious aspects of Aidan—all the secrets lurking under the surface.
Visit Elisa Ludwig's website and view the trailer for Pretty Sly.

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--Marshal Zeringue