Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ann Garvin's "The Dog Year"

Ann Garvin is a professor of health and nutrition at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater; she also teaches creative writing in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Here Garvin dreamcasts an adaptation of her newly released novel, The Dog Year:
I love this question because it gives me permission to ‘go there’ in my head. In fact, I’ve already gone there a bit already with Pinterest.

I confess I do not visualize actors while I am writing. I am inventing them as I write so I don’t have a clear vision on them until I’m done.

After I’m done I agonize about the actors as if it is a real decision I need to make. As if I’ve really won the lottery and now I have to spend the money. I love a little delusion in my life.

The cast would look something like this…

Lucy Peterman—Kate Winslet Of course! Who wouldn’t want Kate? She is the perfect mix of funny and sad.

Richard (Lucy’s husband)—Matt Damon – the good guy, the adorable saint.

Charles (Lucy’s brother)—Justin Kirk (From Weeds, he played a brother there too; a brother to a dead guy. I hope he doesn’t mind because he is wonderful.)

Mark (Lucy’s nemesis)—Timothy Olyphant (Most currently in Justified. A bad boy gone good. A good man with a bad past. Irresistible).

Sara—Kaitlyn Dever also from Justified. She is a soulful young actress with a big future.

Sidney—Natalie Portman: Complex and a scene-stealer; everyone else has to work to keep up.

Stuart From Frozen Foods—Andy Milder (Also from Weeds, the perfect sleeper man. Kind, with hidden gifts).

Now, I must return to reality, as this kind of fantasy is an author’s addiction.
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--Marshal Zeringue