Thursday, July 24, 2014

M. D. Waters's "Prototype"

M.D. Waters lives with her family in Maryland. She is the author of Archetype and its newly released sequel, Prototype.

Here Waters dreamcasts an adaptation of the novels:
I chose my character inspiration for Archetype really early on. Almost immediately I saw Katie Holmes as Emma, but if I had to choose someone to play her in the movie I’d choose Jennifer Lawrence. She’s truly a brilliant actress and capable of all sorts of roles.

As for Declan and Noah, I had Bradley Cooper and the model David Gandy in mind. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bradley playing Noah, but I also think Charlie Hunnam would be amazing. Stephen Amell would be a great Declan.

Lastly (listen up, universe!) I need JJ Abrams to direct the movie. I’ve loved him since his days on Alias. He’s not afraid of romance, and handles it spectacularly. The romance was very important to me in Archetype and Prototype, as were the action scenes. I wanted the reader to feel every second of that story and I think JJ Abrams is capable of doing that and more on screen.
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--Marshal Zeringue