Friday, March 20, 2015

Cindy Callaghan's "Lost in Paris"

Cindy Callaghan grew up in New Jersey and attended college at the University of Southern California before earning her BA in English and French, and MBA from the University of Delaware.

She is the author of Just Add Magic (2010), Lost in London (2013), Lucky Me (2014), Lost in Paris (2015), and Lost in Rome (2015).

Here Callaghan dreamcasts an adaptation of Lost in Paris:
My first book Just Add Magic is being made into Amazon Original TV series. I just adore the girls that are cast in that show. I would love to have all of them star in the Lost in Paris movie. And, or course, all of the tweens in my hometown!

There is a band in the book. I would love for One Direction to play those parts. We’ll all have to travel to Paris, probably on a private plane. And we’ll all stay together in a hotel that is just like the quaint Hotel de Paris in the novel.

For the adult male Etienne, obviously Mark Wahlberg, and I would play Gwen’s mom. The movie will be a huge success, which will lead to a request for Mark and I to co-host SNL.

In Lost in Paris, there are many animals. I’d like to work with a local Parisienne rescue society to help us with casting the pets. Hopefully this will result in the homeless animals to find families.
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