Tuesday, May 26, 2015

E. E. Cooper's "Vanished"

E. E. Cooper lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and one very spoiled dog.

Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, Vanished:
I imagine I’m not unique in saying that I would absolutely love if they turned Vanished into a movie. Since it was a movie in my mind as I wrote, it seems only natural to see it make the jump to the big screen so the rest of you could see it that way too!

The most important character to cast is Kalah the main character. I couldn’t think of an actress that fit her exactly. She’s half Indian, and half French heritage and that mix is important to her so I would want to make sure that was represented on the screen. She would need to be an actress that was willing to put it all out there emotionally and be that mix of brave and vulnerable all at the same time. Almost like a young Katherine Hepburn.

Kalah’s two best friends are Britney, the quintessential blond All American popular girl, and Beth, who is both beautiful and athletic. I could see Ella Fanning as Brit and Zoey Deutch as Beth. I’d love to see all these strong young women interacting on the screen.

Kalah also has a boyfriend in the book. And I will freely admit having had a bit of a crush on him as I wrote. He’s exactly the kind of guy I swooned for in high school: into theatre, a bit awkward and utterly adorable. Nat Wolff who played Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars would be a possibility.

Lastly, there is a police officer in the school, Officer Siegel. I would want to cast Tina Fey in this role. This is for two reasons, one she mentally fits the picture I had in my head and two, I also would adore meeting her. Ever since she was on SNL and I read the book Bossypants I’ve been convinced that if we met in real life we’d be best friends and hang out together. If you can’t cast one of your imaginary best friends in a movie then what’s the point?
Learn more about Vanished at E.E. Cooper's website.

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