Friday, June 5, 2015

Brooke Johnson's "The Brass Giant"

Brooke Johnson is a stay-at-home mom, amateur seamstress, RPG enthusiast, and art hobbyist, in addition to all that book writing. As the jack-of-all-trades bard of the family, she adventures through life with her fiercely-bearded paladin of a husband, their daughter the sticky-fingered rogue, and their cowardly wizard of a dog, with only a sleep spell in his spellbook.

They currently reside in Northwest Arkansas, but once they earn enough loot and experience, they'll build a proper castle somewhere and defend against all manner of dragons and goblins, and whatever else dares take them on.

Here Johnson dreamcasts an adaptation of The Brass Giant: A Chroniker City Story:
When I first wrote the book, I had in mind a young Mila Kunis (think That 70’s Show) for my main character, but the more I worked on the story, the more she evolved beyond that and no longer really fit any actor that I knew about. But as a perfect form of procrastination, I often sift through IMDb for actors who look like my characters, and I have a list that I’m constantly adding to and tweaking as I find better actors or more accurate portrayals of my characters. So, without further ado, if Hollywood were to make The Brass Giant into a film today (subject to change on another day of procrastination), I’d cast:

Main Characters:

Chloë Grace Moretz as Petra Wade

Liam Hemsworth as Emmerich Goss

Minor Characters:

John Hurt as Mr. Stricket

Nat Wolff as Tolly Monfore

Wes Bentley as Julian Goss

Timothy Spall as Vice-Chancellor Lyndon

Logan Lerman as Solomon Wade

As for who might direct and produce the movie… It would have to be someone familiar with the steampunk genre, with a big enough budget to really bring the complex machinery of Chroniker City to life. Artistically, Guillermo del Toro would certainly make an aesthetically pleasing steampunk film. Just look at the clockwork army in Hellboy II: The Golden Army and the Jaegers of Pacific Rim. He’d certainly give it his own flair, I’m sure, but it would be nothing short of amazing.
Learn more about the book and author at Brooke Johnson's website.

--Marshal Zeringue