Monday, June 1, 2015

K. J. Larsen's "Bye, Bye Love"

Three sisters with an insatiable love for mysteries write the PI Cat DeLuca novels as KJ Larsen. Julianne, Kari, and Kristen Larsen live in Chicagoland and the Pacific Northwest where they’re working on Cat’s fifth and most outrageous adventure.

Here they dreamcast an adaptation of their latest novel, Bye, Bye Love:
Ah, to dream…

First, let us say we love this blog. The Cat DeLuca Mysteries are written by three sisters. The fact that we’re well into our fifth book and haven’t killed each other off, is rather remarkable. Especially when you consider we spend our days researching poisons and fantasizing about murder. We deserve a freakin’ cookie.

Each sister had her own ideas about who should play the lead characters in the Cat DeLuca movies. But we all agreed on who would direct the film. Rob Reiner is Hollywood’s best director of comedy. He weaves together hilarity, heart-racing suspense, and feel-good drama. The man makes magic.

Here are the sisters’ picks for Bye, Bye Love, the Hit Movie. Just shooting for the stars.


Regrettably, a great many more books than movie tickets pass through my fingers and I don’t know a lot of actors’ names. I’ve been asked this question before and I had a ready answer for the role of Cat Deluca. I confess that I googled ‘best hunky actors’ for the roles of Chance and Max. I picked the yummiest.

Penelope Cruz as Cat

Chris Hemsworth as Chance

Gerard Butler as Max

Bye, Bye Love, The Blockbuster Film. I’m clapping three times and sending the vibe out to the Universe….


To cast Bye, Bye Love, The Movie, I took a step back to the sixties. I was juggling between three women to play Cat Deluca: Natalie Wood, Jill St. John, and Stephanie Power. It wasn’t until after deciding on the curly red-head, that I learned these three very smart, cool women shared the same ballet class as kids. And they each had a long term relationship with Robert Wagner. Awesome.

For the role of Cat DeLuca, I chose Jill St. John. Like Cat, she’s ingenious, sassy, and unconventional. She’ll make a convincing hero when necessary.

For Chance Savino, I picked Sean Connery. There can’t be a woman alive who needs to ask why.

For bad boy Max, I first chose Steve McQueen but then I fired him. I want Robert Wagner to play the mysterious ex-spy. Three amazing women can’t be wrong.


Here are my picks for the Cat DeLuca Movie.

I chose Keira Knightley to play Cat DeLuca. Like Cat, Keira’s funny, and gorgeous, and she can suck the cream out of a cannoli. Keira Knightley shares Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. In another decade, Audrey would be my first choice.

I chose Ben Affleck to play FBI Agent Chance Savino because, frankly, Ben is my boyfriend. Like Chance, he’s six feet four inches of delicious hotness. A pair of contacts will transform Ben’s dreamy brown eyes to Chance’s sizzling cobalt blue.

To play the part of the mysterious Max, I had to go with Henry Cavill. The guy is serious eye candy. He’s got smarts, humor, and he’s an animal rights activist. What’s not to love? He’s the right height and uh, more contacts, please. Gotta turn those baby-blues brown.

Bye, Bye Love, The Hit Movie? From our lips to God’s ears.
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