Wednesday, August 12, 2015

James Abel's "Protocol Zero"

James Abel is the pseudonym for Bob Reiss, an accomplished author and journalist who has written extensively on the Arctic. He lives and works in New York City.

Here he shares some insights about adapting his latest novel, Protocol Zero, for the big screen:
I certainly would love for Protocol Zero to be a movie, but I don't really envision one actor or another in the part of Joe Rush. I think that's because the best actors always surprise us with their range. Once I sold a novel to Paramount because Jodie Foster wanted to play the lead. Unfortunately, the script was so late in coming in that Foster went on to other things, I was told. But the fascinating thing for me was that she'd wanted to play a part I wrote for a man. And she would have been perfect. That part was about strength through loneliness.

Joe Rush, my Marine doctor and bio-terror expert in Protocol Zero, is a strong, moral person but also someone who can't stop once he starts after something. Drive is his talent but also his flaw. Intelligence and bravery are his weapons but they backfire too. He'll put friends and loved ones at risk. He understands the horrible trade-offs, yet can't stop. You'd want to spend time with Joe, but you might pay for it. Any fine actor who projects intelligence, drive and comfort in solitude would make a good Joe Rush.
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--Marshal Zeringue