Friday, August 21, 2015

Stephen Emond's "Bright Lights, Dark Nights"

Stephen Emond is the creator of the Emo Boy comic series, two illustrated young adult novels, Happyface and Winter Town, and Steverino, a comic strip that ran in his local Connecticut newspaper.

Here Emond shares some ideas about casting an adaptation of his new novel, Bright Lights, Dark Nights:
Casting a movie for Bright Lights would be so difficult! I’m drawing a blank on who could play Walter. It feels like there’s a definite “type” for the white, awkward male lead. Freddie Highmore, Logan Lerman, etc. There was a guy, Jack Carpenter that we talked to when working on an Emo Boy movie that would be good if he isn’t too old. Maybe even Nick Jonas? For Naomi, I see people on TV all the time that would fit but I can’t think of their names! Vanessa Morgan is one. There’s a singer named Justine Skye that would be great. A young Nia Long or Janet Jackson? Jason Mills I did picture someone for, the rapper Tyler the Creator. Likewise I imagined Dean Norris (“Uncle Hank” from Breaking Bad) when I wrote Walter’s father. For Lester, maybe John Boyega, soon to be of Star Wars fame?

For the soundtrack, I’d go for a combo of Jon Brion, Tyler the Creator, and Babyface.
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--Marshal Zeringue