Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith's Vampire Empire series

Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith are a married couple who have written together for nearly two decades. Their credits include novels such as the Vampire Empire series (Pyr Books) and the Crown & Key trilogy (Del Rey).

Their new novel is The Geomancer.

Here the Griffiths dreamcast an adaptation of the Vampire Empire series:
Our readers have debated a lot over who should play the characters in a Vampire Empire movie from the time the original trilogy was published. There are some perfect actors who are too old, or would be by the time a film project got off the ground. But here are suggestions for actors if the movie was going in front of the camera today. Some of these characters don’t actually appear in the newest book The Geomancer, but this is a cast for the series as a whole.

Greyfriar/Gareth: Tom Mison

Adele: Freida Pinto

General Anhalt: Oded Fehr

Mamoru: Ken Watanabe

Simon: Asa Butterfield

Cesare: Douglas Booth

Flay: Eva Green

Senator Clark: Hugh Jackman

Captain Hariri: Alexander Siddig

Sir Godfrey Randolph: Tom Wilkinson

Nzingu: Lupita Nyono’o

Lord Kelvin: Tom Hiddleston

It would be a very expensive movie, we fear. But the ComicCon panel would be awesome!
Learn more about the book and authors at Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith's website.

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