Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sean Beaudoin's "Welcome Thieves"

Sean Beaudoin is the author of seven novels--including Wise Young Fool--and the new short story collection, Welcome Thieves.

Here he shares a general guiding principle for casting an adaptation of Welcome Thieves:
Well, it's a short story collection, so unless one particular one were adapted, it'd have to be like Short Cuts, with every good actor in Hollywood waiving their fee and playing bit parts. I always get a kick out of how supposedly college-age characters (think St. Elmo's Fire) are played by people clearly in their mid-thirties, while musicians (think Sean Penn in Sweet and Lowdown) are often played by people who appear to have never picked up an instrument before. So for Welcome Thieves I'd like to subvert that trend and have all the parts played by elderly musicians.
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--Marshal Zeringue