Friday, August 26, 2016

Erik Storey's "Nothing Short of Dying"

Erik Storey is a former ranch hand, wilderness guide, dogsled musher, and hunter. He spent his childhood summers on his great-grandfather’s homestead or in a remote cabin in Colorado’s Flat Tops wilderness.

Here he dreamcasts an adaptation of Nothing Short of Dying, his first novel:
If I were ever lucky enough to have a movie made of the book, the actor chosen for Clyde would depend greatly on the casting director’s mental image of him. I left his physical descriptions rather vague in order to let the readers become more involved. But, if I were to choose, I would go with Anson Mount, of Hell on Wheels fame, first. Next would either be Jason Momoa or Joe Manganiello.

My first pick for Allie would be Mila Kunis, especially after watching her performance in The Book of Eli. Next would either be Michelle Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly, or Gemma Arterton.

The vilest character in the book would have to be played by either Garret Dillahunt, Kim Coates, or Dolph Lundgren.

I don’t follow the work of most directors out there, but if I chose one it would probably be Ed Harris, Joe Carnahan, Iñárritu, or Tommy Lee Jones.
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--Marshal Zeringue