Friday, January 13, 2017

Sibel Hodge's "Untouchable"

Sibel Hodge's books include the #1 bestselling Look Behind You.

Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of her 2016 novel, Untouchable:
When I'm writing a novel I always see the scenes playing out in my head like a movie so I visualise my characters easily, and I often picture actors/actresses. Untouchable is told by three different narrators: Jamie, Maya, and Mitchell, each with their own demons to deal with.

For Jamie, I'd choose Jamie Dornan. Ideally, he'd look as he did in The Fall, just without the serial killer bits! My Jamie has had a heartbreaking past to deal with, which slowly comes to light as the story unfolds. But I think Jamie Dornan would be bring a vulnerability and intensity to the part.

When Jamie is suddenly found hanged, his girlfriend Maya is certain he'd never take his own life and investigates the weeks leading up to his death, while still dealing with her raw grief. I picture Emilia Clarke because she is just so full of expression that would add a real depth and empathy to Maya and her plight for the truth.

Mitchell is the vigilante who helps Maya find the answers she's looking for. He's ex special forces. Broody, intense, wracked with guilt over past experiences, with a clear idea of right and wrong. I definitely see Tom Hardy in this role. He's an amazingly talented actor and would perfectly portray the hidden layers to Mitchell's darker side, and how his own inner damage affects his life. And he'd do all that while looking absolutely gorgeous!

I have two directors in mind. One is Oliver Stone. He's produced some amazing films, and I think he'd like to tackle some of the controversial issues in Untouchable. The other would be Ridley Scott, who also has some fantastic films under his belt and I know would do an amazing job!
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--Marshal Zeringue