Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Teresa Messineo's "The Fire by Night"

Teresa Messineo spent seven years researching the history behind The Fire by Night, her first novel. She is a graduate of DeSales University, and her varied interests include homeschooling her four children, volunteering with the underprivileged, medicine, swing dancing, and competitive athletics. She lives in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Here Messineo dreamcasts an adaptation of The Fire by Night:
What a fun question! And there are so many great choices out there. Well, for the female leads, they would require versatile actresses who could take on the characters of Jo and Kay, showing their many facets - there are just so many layers to both of these incredible women. So, I would love to see Emily Blunt - I think she would be perfect, so beautiful and thoughtful and deep - and Honeysuckle Weeks, who can do happy-go-lucky like no one else and then turn serious at the drop of a hat. They are two of my favorites.

For Aaron, I would pick Matt Damon - he has that raw attraction that draws Kay (and the reader) into his world. Ewen McGregor or James McAvoy (who was so expertly cast in Atonement) would be perfect as David - I actually thought of them both before I even knew they were Scottish actors, which is, of course, an added plus for that role!

Finally, from day one, Captain Clark has always been Daniel Craig to me - just look at the physical description on the written page, it is him right down to those cool, blue eyes and adorable ears.

For choice in director, Christopher Nolan (who is, blatantly, amazing) or Robert Zemeckis (who recently did such a lavish, gorgeous job with the World War II film, Allied) have the experience and scope to pull off a project this ambitious - the first film to feature frontline military nurses of the Second World War.

And, finally, my son Johnny, who is graduating this semester with a degree in film - having him involved in the process and learning under such great mentors, while bringing fresh new insights to the film himself - well, that would be any mom’s dream.
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--Marshal Zeringue