Friday, September 8, 2017

Robin Merrow MacCready's "A Lie For A Lie"

Robin Merrow MacCready is the author of Buried, recipient of the Edgar Award for Best YA novel. She teaches reading and writing to middle school students, and lives in Maine with her family.

Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of her latest YA novel, A Lie for a Lie:
I see my books in vivid scenes, like a film, and they serve as my guides while I write, so this was a fun exercise. Also, music sets the mood, so think Led Zeppelin for the island scenes since it plays a part in the book.

First off, the setting for A Lie For A Lie is an important character and the Maine Coast is the star; think rocky coves and points jutting into the ocean, sandy beaches, and squawking seagulls. The island that inspired this story was a real location when I was a teen, but it's barely there now, due to the storms and high tides that have eroded it down to a rocky strip barely walkable at low tide.

Kendra, the main character in A Lie For A Lie, is a teen that survived a scary boat accident. She’s close to breaking out of her protective shell, so an actress that can play both lows and highs is important. I like Hailee Steinfeld for Kendra. She’s smart and sensitive and I loved her in The Edge of Seventeen.

Bo is one of Kendra’s childhood friends. I saw Bo as Douglas Smith before I knew who he was and it took a lot of googling before I remembered what I saw him in. He's is known for playing the son in Big Love, but he’s older now. Back then he was a bit geeky and now he’s playing Marcus Isaacson on the upcoming series, The Alienist. Like those two different roles, Bo has grown out of his role as Kendra’s BFF’s brother and hopes to be her boyfriend.

Jenn is Bo’s sister and Kendra’s best friend. She's short and intense. I’ve always seen her as a young Rashida Jones, or maybe Tara Lynne Barr from Casual.

Bad boy Will is played by Jack DePew, who is Jasper Landry in The Fosters. From the beginning of the story, Will had a bad boy sneer and messy blond hair. Ryan Hansen was a look alike that I kept in my head mind when I was writing him. He played Dick Casablancas in Veronica Mars.

Dad is Patrick Wilson or Scott Foley. He’s a great dad, but overly tuned in to his flirty and charming side. He uses it in social situations and lawyering.

Mom is damaged, both physically (though she hides her scars) and emotionally. I see Mom as Vera Farmiga or Peggy Lipton in her Twin Peaks era.

This exercise has gotten me thinking of my work in progress, which is set in the mid-19th century and is filled with mysterious characters. Off to cast that one!
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--Marshal Zeringue