Thursday, August 29, 2019

Brian Naslund's "Blood of an Exile"

Brian Naslund had a brief stint in the New York publishing world but quickly defected to tech in Denver where he does internet marketing.

Here he dreamcasts an adaptation of his debut novel, Blood of an Exile:
Early in the writing process of Blood of an Exile I kept most characters pretty “blank” as to who might portray them. Over time, I did wind up becoming an amateur casting director.

However, for whatever reason, I always had a clear picture of who could play Ashlyn, so I will start with her.

I’ve always pictured her as Rosemarie DeWitt. She has this perfect expression that mixes focus with intellectual doubt and cynicism that I love, and just screams “Ashlyn.”

For Bershad, I have to go with Tom Hardy. This is a bit of a cop out because he’s a chameleon actor in a lot of ways, but the reason I gravitate to him is because of the way he looks in the first four minutes of Mad Max: Fury Road (pre-hair cut). Not only are the nasty dreadlocks perfect, but he’s a broken down man who’s focused on one thing: survival. If you took that version of Tom Hardy and traded the road gear garb for some face tattoos, that’s Bershad.

For Felgor, I’d go with Danny Pudi. I love him in Community—and in that show he’s able to lean into the comic relief, while also effortlessly sinking into these brief but deeply emotional moment of loyalty and kindness. That’s Felgor.

As for a director, my pipe dream is Denis Villeneuve. I love all of his movies, with Sicario and Arrival being my favorites.
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--Marshal Zeringue