Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sara Lövestam's "The Truth Behind the Lie"

Sara Lövestam is a Swedish novelist, born in 1980 and living in Stockholm. She writes in many genres — historical novels, Y/A, crime — but her books all deal with deeply human struggles, such as challenging perspectives, dealing with alienation, and being true to oneself. Lövestam worked for many years as a Swedish teacher for immigrants, and says a lot of her inspiration comes from her students. She enjoys music, carpentry, and learning new languages.

In Lövestam's new novel, The Truth Behind the Lie:
When a six-year-old girl disappears and calling the police isn’t an option, her desperate mother Pernilla turns to an unlikely source for help. She finds a cryptic ad online for a private investigator:

“Need help, but can’t contact the police?”

That’s where Kouplan comes in.
Here Lövestam dreamcasts an adaptation of The Truth Behind the Lie:
It is extremely hard to pick an actor to play Kouplan. I don't want to spoil the story, but in the beginning of the book series he looks like a teenager although he is 25. He looks Iranian, speaks fluent Farsi and good Swedish (in an American version I guess he would speak fluent Farsi and good English) - he's just a very special character. I bet the perfect actor to play him is out there, but I don't know where.

It's easier with Pernilla. She is a blonde mom in her 30's who doesn't raise much suspicion with her appearance, but she hides many secrets and has a complicated past. I think someone like Blake Lively would play her perfectly.
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