Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Emilya Naymark's "Behind the Lie"

Emilya Naymark was born in a country that no longer exists, escaped with her parents, lived in Italy for a bit, and ended up in New York, which promptly became a love and a muse.

She studied art and was lucky enough to illustrate numerous publications before transitioning to the digital world.

She has a particular fascination with psychological thrillers, crime, and suspense. All the dark stuff. So that’s what she writes.

Here Naymark dreamcasts an adaptation for her new novel, Behind the Lie:
When I first started writing the series, I imagined a thirty-something Annie Lennox for my PI character Laney Bird. Recently, I saw Zoë Kravitz in a series, and had an epiphany. Zoë has the ideal combination of vulnerable and fierce that would be crazy perfect for Laney.

For Holly, I pictured Kirsten Dunst, who I love. I just love her. She can be accessible and fragile, while also single-minded—everything I imagine Holly Dubois being.

I visualized David Tennant circa Dr. Who for Jack Boswell so much that I had a photo of him on my laptop and whenever I needed to get into Jack’s head, I’d look at that photo. Who said writing was hard work?

All along, I imagined Humphrey Bogart as my detective, Ed Boswell. Maybe that’s typecasting, but that’s what happened in my head. Whenever Ed steps onto the page, he’s tired, cynical, and deeply committed to his job. He’s a good egg.

My two Russians, Vera and Step Volkin are pretty glamourous, so Margot Robbie for Vera and Robert Pattinson for Step.

And now I think I want Scott Frank to direct because he’s done some of my absolute favorite films (Minority Report) and series ever, the most recent being The Queen’s Gambit.
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