Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Liz Parker's "The Family Compound"

Liz Parker is a literary agent at Verve Talent & Literary and the author of All Are Welcome. She has written for the New York Times’s Modern Love column and lives in Los Angeles with her wife, Sarah, and their dogs.

Here Parker dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, The Family Compound:
While I think a great book must live truly within a reader’s imagination, The Family Compound is ripe for adaptation. Five cousins inherit a property in Vermont with one critical stipulation: they must decide what to do in unison. Whether the property stays in the family or gets put on the market, The Family Compound looks at what it means for family to stick together. It’s funny, it’s dramatic, and it’s about growing up when you’re already… grown-up.

Writer/Director-wise, I’d love to see Tom Bezucha take this one. Anyone who claims they don’t rewatch The Family Stone every December is lying to you: Tom wrote and directed a holiday classic, and his ability to weave humor and drama within a family is nearly unmatched.

For Penny and Andrew, two young thirtysomethings finding their way in the world. Julia Garner for Penny, and Zac Efron (with a classic outdoor kid scruff) for Andrew.

For Halsey and Heather, two mid-forty something’s not expecting to fall in love with each other. Rachel McAdams for Halsey (who might be lured to do another film with Tom), and Anne Hathaway for Heather.

For Laurie, a brittle lawyer who must soften to those around her. Dakota Johnson.

For Chris, an urban financier stuck in Vermont to figure out the property. Joseph Gordon-Leavitt

For William, a yogi-hipster all-too-fluent on social media. Chris Hemsworth.
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--Marshal Zeringue