Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mark Pryor's "Die Around Sundown"

Mark Pryor is a former newspaper reporter and felony prosecutor, originally from England but now living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the Hugo Marston mystery series, set in Paris, London, and Barcelona. Pryor is also the author of the psychological thrillers, Hollow Man, and its sequel, Dominic. As a prosecutor, he appeared on CBS News's 48 Hours and Discovery Channel's Discovery ID: Cold Blood.

Here Pryor dreamcasts an adaptation of his new novel, Die Around Sundown:
My main character, Henri Lefort, is a smart-aleck, highly intelligent, and has no time for fools (or Nazis). One actor kept popping into my head as I wrote him, because I've seen him exhibit all of those traits in the roles he's played: Jensen Ackles. Sure, he's handsome as heck, but he's also funny and a great actor. I first saw him in the TV series Supernatural, and over the course of 15 seasons I saw him grow as an actor, as his character Dean Winchester grew. I think he could carry Henri's great secret, and reveal it slowly as Henri does, and demonstrate the weight of that secret.

Henri's colleague and housemate, Nicola, is as French as can be, highly intelligent and hard-working, and not one to put up with Henri's nonsense. I see a lot of Lauren Cohan in Nicola, visually and in terms of her character. Nicola is the only one to know Henri's reality, and Lauren Cohen has those big, soulful eyes that hint of secrets and mystery. Having watched her for years in The Walking Dead, she's played everything from mother to warrior and would be amazing as Nicola.

The third major character I would like to cast is Princess Marie Bonaparte, or "Mimi" as Henri and Nicola call her. A strong, independent, incredibly bright woman, she would need to exude curiosity and intelligence. And look French, but without being overly glamorous. For me, Joan Cusack fits the bill, perfectly. It's true that she's played a lot of roles in comedies and romantic shows, but she's received recognition for dramatic roles, too, and has even played a therapist once before.
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