Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ann Hite's "Ghost On Black Mountain"

Ann Hite has published more than sixty stories in publications such as: Literary House Review Anthology, Espresso Fiction, Skyline Magazine, Plum Biscuit, Moonwort Review, Foliate Oak, and Spillway Review.

Here she shares some casting suggestions for a big screen adaptation of her new novel, Ghost On Black Mountain:
Ghost On Black Mountain is a novel set in the North Carolina Mountains with ghosts, murder, and secrets, lots of secrets. The story is told by five women whose lives are inextricably bound because of one decision made during the Depression-era. I’ve given the movie a lot of thought. What published author doesn’t? Nellie—a simple, innocent girl, who makes the wrong choice—would be played by Emma Stone. Zac Efron could play Hobbs Pritchard because Hobbs is an incredibly handsome twenty-five year old, who has eyes that just kill the girls. But…he’s not such a nice guy. This would take Mr. Efron out of the funny, sweet characters he has been cast into. He could stretch his wings. And my tween daughter would love me for the choice.

Ashley Judd would be the perfect Josie Clay—Nellie’s mom—in her early years. I see Dakota Fanning as Iona Harbor. Iona is key to the whole book and I truly can’t write much about her without giving away the best parts.

I could go on and on dreaming of the movie. A screenwriter out there needs to read Ghost On Black Mountain and write a killer screenplay. I know it would sell! Help this writer get her book made into a movie!
Learn more about the book and author at Ann Hite's website and blog.

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