Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doug Magee's "Darkness All Around"

Doug Magee has been a photojournalist, screenplay writer, children's book author, death penalty activist, film producer and director, war protestor, college football player, amateur musician, and the basis of the Aidan Quinn character in Meryl Streep's Music of the Heart.

Here he shares some ideas for casting an adaptation of his new novel, Darkness All Around:
There are three principal roles in Darkness All Around. Sean Collins is a man who disappeared from his home town eleven years earlier and has returned claiming he killed a woman while blacked out before he left. I did a book trailer and used the actor Chris Henry Coffey to play Sean (he can be seen in the film Trust). If I had to choose a star, it would probably be Ryan Gosling. Sean's ex-wife, Risa, would be played by Michelle Williams (though the actress Julie Ann Emery who was in the book trailer would be terrific). Risa's current husband Alan could go to a number of actors but Clive Owen with an American accent would be great.
View the trailers and learn more about the book and author at Doug Magee's website and the Darkness All Around website.

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