Friday, October 28, 2011

J.T. Ellison's "Where All the Dead Lie"

J.T. Ellison is the international award-winning author of the critically acclaimed Taylor Jackson novels, multiple short stories, and has been published in over twenty countries.

Here Ellison shares some ideas about who should star in an adaptation of the latest Taylor Jackson book, Where All the Dead Lie:
For years, I’ve been trying not to answer this question. I’ve put it out there for my readers to comment on, not wanting to influence that psychic connection people have with fictional characters. I’ve always felt that if I tell you what Taylor Jackson looks like to me, it may alter your reading of the novel.

I’ve come to change my mind on that, mostly because I’ve finally seen a few actresses who I think could successfully interpret the character. So much of Taylor Jackson is physical – and I’d love to see that physicality explored on the screen. I was very surprised to realize that Blake Lively is probably as close to Taylor in my mind as a real person could be. I’d always thought of her as Charlize Theron, but Charlize is a tiny bit too refined. Blake, even though a bit young for the role, has the presence necessary, and if you’ve seen her in The Town, the acting chops to pull it off as well. And she can do the hair. Taylor has great hair.

Baldwin – I’ve got nothing. A really scruffed up Thomas Gibson would work – he’s not quite as pretty, but he has the right smoldering intensity.

But from the very beginning – Memphis Highsmythe, the Viscount Dulsie, was modeled on Daniel Craig. My editor saw him as Simon Baker – but no. He’s Craig all the way – that barely contained fury, simmering just under the surface, the coiled grace… he’d be perfectly cast.

Sam Owens is Natalie Portman, hands down.
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