Monday, December 17, 2012

Eileen Cook's "The Almost Truth"

The Almost Truth, Eileen Cook's latest novel, is about a teenage con artist named Sadie who might be in over her head.

Here Cook shares some ideas for casting an adaptation of the novel:
I am terrible at this because I never remember actor's names. It's not just actors, I can remember titles, but rarely the author's name. Since I could cast anyone I would have a young Katherine Hepburn in the role of Sadie. She has the grit and snark that would do well in the roll. For my bad-boy Brendan I would go with James Dean and for the wealthy and charming Chase, Clark Gable.

Although I can't remember names, I am a huge movie nut. I've recently started writing screenplays. I am fascinated by the format. There is something so delightfully clear about a screenplay structure that forces you as a writer to pay attention to the turning points and pacing. Even if I never went anywhere with the screenplays the process of writing them has made me a better writer.
Learn more about the author and her books at Eileen Cook’s website and blog.

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