Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Magnus Flyte's "City of Dark Magic"

Magnus Flyte, who spends much of his time criss-crossing the globe following the migratory patterns of carnivorous butterflies, does not get to the movies much, but we managed to reach him by satellite phone to ask him about his dream casting for his debut novel City of Dark Magic, a comic caper set in Prague.
Q. Magnus, whom do you see in the role of Sarah, who is unashamed to take pleasure in both sex and history?

A. In another era, it would have been Barbara Stanwyck. But I do like that Emma Stone. You would believe her as a woman who knows how to get herself in – and out – of trouble.

Q. And what about Max, the California-born prince who has inherited more than he can handle?

A. Since I don’t spend much time fixating on young heartthrobs, I leave that one up to my literary executrixes, who say they fancy Ben Whishaw, but are open to holding lengthy and exhaustive casting calls.

Q. Charlotte Yates is a great comic villainess-- who should play her and her sidekick, the scheming Italian socialite Marchesa Elisa Lobkowicz DeBenedetti?

A. Lily Tomlin is a must for Charlotte, and Sofía Vergara for Elisa. I would pay extra to see those two side by side onscreen.

Q. Slate has already accused you of writing Nico with Peter Dinklage in mind, but what about everyone’s other favorite character, blind prodigy Pols?

A. Are there any more Fannings?

Q. What about the crew of eccentric academics who inhabit the palace?

A. My executrixes say they will not sign off on any cast that does not include Paul Rudd, so I would say he has to play Miles. It would be delicious to see him tangle with Lily Tomlin. The rest of the academics should be played by “unknown” actors and actresses, or people who haven’t worked in a while, because it would be nice to be the cause of someone being extremely excited about getting a job.

Q. Prague is such an atmospheric location.

A. Yes, only Prague can play Prague. Nowhere else will do.

Q. There are some racy outdoor sex scenes in the novel. What sort of a rating do you think the movie would get?

A. I don’t care, as long as the popcorn is fresh and people are quiet during the film. Nudity is preferable to violence in my mind. As in life.
Learn more about the book and author at Magnus Flyte's website.

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--Marshal Zeringue