Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mary Jane Clark's "Footprints in the Sand"

Mary Jane Clark's novels include the KEY News media thriller series and the Wedding Cake mystery series. A veteran writer and producer for CBS News, Clark worked for almost three decades at the network’s New York City headquarters. Her books are published in twenty-three languages.

Here Clark dreamcasts an adaptation of Footprints in the Sand, the latest of the Wedding Cake mysteries:
How thrilling it would be if Footprints in the Sand were made into a movie! And while I’d be thrilled to sit in a movie theatre and watch Piper Donovan played by any in an array of wonderful young actresses, the biggest kick would be to see my own actress daughter, Elizabeth Higgins Clark, in the role.

I constantly think of Elizabeth as I write about Piper, a youthful and dedicated actress whose scarcity of theatrical roles leads to her other job making wedding cakes which subsequently entangles her in murder mysteries. Elizabeth vets my pages for accuracy and makes sure that Piper’s voice is authentic and appropriate for someone her age. She has followed Piper’s development throughout the series and I know she could bring Piper to life on the big screen.

In fact, Elizabeth, with the aid of a long blonde wig and photo-shopped green eyes, is already playing the role of Piper on the internet. Check out Piper Donovan on Facebook and see what you think.
Learn more about Footprints in the Sand at Mary Jane Clark's website and Facebook page.

--Marshal Zeringue