Friday, February 9, 2018

Jane Corry's "Blood Sisters"

Jane Corry is a writer and journalist and has spent time as the writer in residence of a high-security prison for men–an experience that helped inspire My Husband’s Wife, her suspense debut.

Here Corry dreamcasts an adaptation of her latest novel, Blood Sisters:
This would be my dream come true! However, I have to be honest here. I’m more familiar with older actors and actresses.

I still pine for Robert Redford - as a teenager, I dreamed of him sweeping me off my feet! So I would like a young RR to play Crispin. I think his boyish good looks and charm would be perfect.

Similarly, a youthful Tom Hanks would be just right for Robin. I can just see him being rather awkward at the beginning and then growing into the more self-assured adult towards the end of Blood Sisters.

Alison is more of a challenge. She needs to appear traditional but have hidden depths. I’d like a total ‘unknown' for her. It would be great if someone made their name from taking her on.

As for Kitty, someone really special would need to play her. Blood Sisters came out in the UK last summer and ever since then, I’ve had lots of emails from readers to say how much they love her. I think a young Goldie Hawn would fit the bill perfectly. I know that she would be both funny, sad and shocking - which is just what the role needs.

Director-wise, I’d be really interested in Jodie Foster. She would be able to delve into the shocking, sensitive issues in Blood Sisters. George Clooney would be good at this too. If nothing else, it would give me a chance to tell him that his wife went to the same school in the UK as my daughter!
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