Monday, February 5, 2018

Tracee de Hahn's "A Well-Timed Murder"

Tracee de Hahn writes the Agnes Lüthi mystery series set in Switzerland. The new book in the series: A Well-Timed Murder.

Prior to writing fiction she began her career in the practice of architecture, using the need to see great buildings as an excuse to travel. After several years in Switzerland, and receiving an advanced degree in European history, she turned her hand to the non-profit world, eventually running alumni relations for a west coast university.

Having left the ‘real’ world to purse a writing career, she now lives with her husband and Jack Russell Terriers and Flemish Giant rabbit in southwest Virginia in a Victorian house with the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in the far distance. There they have a marvelous deep porch where limitless cups of Lady Grey tea can be enjoyed while the next book is plotted. She loves reading and travel and cooking and is an occasional amateur painter.

Here de Hahn dreamcasts an adaptation of A Well-Timed Murder:
I’ve consistently avoided the casting question. That changed when I saw Jessica Chastain in Miss Sloane. I’ve admired her work for years, from The Help, to Zero Dark Thirty and The Martian. The power and nuance of Chastain’s performance in Miss Sloane made me understand that I’d always cast my protagonist based on appearance. Now I realize that I want her cast for character (let hair and makeup and costume teams work their magic to transform Chastain’s appearance). Agnes Lüthi is strong and vulnerable, she’s dedicated to her family and to her job. She wants a private life but shrinks from a new relationship after her husband’s betrayal and death. I know that Ms. Chastain has the ability to show these conflicting emotions. She would bring Agnes to life!

If we talk directors, I want the team that produced and directed the television series Broadchurch. They achieved an intensity that balances despair with hope, coupled with an attention to characters and story that is engrossing.
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