Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Laura Madeleine's "Where the Wild Cherries Grow"

After a childhood spent acting professionally and training at a theatre school, Laura Madeleine changed her mind and went to study English Literature at Newnham College, Cambridge. The author of The Confectioner's Tale, she now writes fiction, as well as recipes, and was formerly the resident cake baker for Domestic Sluttery. She lives in Bristol, but can often be found visiting her family in Devon, eating cheese, and getting up to mischief with her sister, fantasy author Lucy Hounsom.

Here Madeleine dreamcasts an adaptation of her latest book to reach the US, Where the Wild Cherries Grow: A Novel of the South of France:
Oh, I always find these things really tricky. I never have a particular actor in mind while writing, or an image, other than a photograph or portrait. In Emeline’s case (one of the lead characters in Where the Wild Cherries Grow) the closest I ever came looks-wise was the Italian photographer, actor and activist Tina Mondotti.

But I’ll give a casting list a go. It’s made easier by the fact there are some brilliant young actors out there…

Emeline Vane: I think Rooney Mara is a captivating actor, and that she could capture some of Emeline’s inner life, and the emotional changes she undergoes. Or perhaps Florence Pugh? I saw her recently in Lady Macbeth and was impressed.

Bill Perch: Bill is a character very much inspired by my father. He’s a working class lad, who’s earnest, frustrated and feels things deeply. Maybe Josh O’Conner or Billy Howle.

Aaro Fournier: César Domboy. Or Rami Malek? I’m open to suggestions!

Clemence “Maman” Fournier: Julianne Moore. She’s been one of my favourite actors since Far From Heaven.

Director: Hettie McDonald directed an adaptation of E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End recently, which I really enjoyed. Or Todd Haynes! He could capture the lustrous colour and light of the south of France.
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