Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Georgia Clark's "The Bucket List"

Georgia Clark is an author, performer and screenwriter based in Brooklyn. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel, The Regulars, and the "witty, sexy" (L.A. Times) The Bucket List, both Simon & Schuster. Her first books were the Young Adult novels She’s With The Band and Parched. Clark is the host/founder of the storytelling night, Generation Women, which invites six generations of women to tell a story on a theme. She is currently developing The Regulars as a TV show for E!. A native Australian, she lives in Brooklyn with her girlfriend and a fridge full of cheese.

Here Clark dreamcasts an adaptation of The Bucket List:
Lacey Whitman, main character: I love Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper in the teen noir melodrama, Riverdale): she’s an incredibly expressive and powerful performer. And this role would allow her to explore her more comedic side, channeling Lacey’s great sense of humor along with her strength and vulnerability.

Steph, Lacey’s best friend/former roommate: Naomi Scott could play Lacey’s empathetic (and slightly over involved) British Indian best friend.

Vivian, Lacey’s co-founder: Awkwafina is dope.

Cooper, Lacey’s love interest: If we cast Lili, we'd have to have Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones), as the love interest? The guy’s the walking definition of nerd chic. Nat Wolff would also nail it. Take your pick.

Elan, Lacey’s other love interest: Tricky: Elan is Iranian-American, but no one immediately springs to mind with that exact ethnicity. Maybe Amr Waked?

Eloise, Lacey’s work frenemy: Gigi Hadid would slay this ice-cool Fashion Editor.

Mara, Lacey’s sister: I picture a young Claire Danes: someone who can access a lot of anger, but keep it simmering just below the surface.

Patricia, Lacey’s boss: Patricia Clarkson. She is so beautiful and classy.

Bee, Lacey’s friend: Bridget Everett would be perfect as Lacey’s friend who also has BRCA1 mutation, who undergoes a mastectomy that doesn’t go as planned. Bee is a fantastic character: frank, funny, shameless but also vulnerable and kind.
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--Marshal Zeringue