Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rea Frey's "Not Her Daughter"

Rea Frey is an award-winning author of nonfiction books. She lives in Nashville with her husband and daughter.

Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of Not Her Daughter, her debut novel that raises the question of what it means to be a mother—and how far someone will go to keep a child safe:
When I wrote Not Her Daughter, I saw it as a film first. (And how trippy that it was optioned for film by Argent Pictures before publication!) My hubby, who happens to be a graphic designer, rigged up a casting board for me to look at while I wrote the book.

While I think Sarah could be played by a variety of actors, I’d love to see Anne Hathaway or Alison Brie from Glow.

Amy has always been one actor and one actor only to me: Melissa McCarthy. I know she’s known for light, humorous roles, but I think this could be a breakout drama for her.

Ethan could be played by Bradley Cooper.

Richard by Bryan Cranston.

I’m not sure what five-year-old actors are out there, but it would be a big role.
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--Marshal Zeringue