Saturday, December 3, 2022

Larrie D. Ferreiro's "Churchill's American Arsenal"

Larrie D. Ferreiro is an engineer, historian and the author of several award-winning books in history, science and technology, and was the 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalist in history for his book Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved It. He teaches at George Mason University in Virginia and Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

Here Ferreiro shares some ideas for adapating his new book, Churchill's American Arsenal: The Partnership Behind the Innovations that Won World War Two, for the screen:
Churchill’s American Arsenal would work well as a miniseries streaming on Amazon, Apple TV+ or Netflix, alongside other WWII epics such as Masters of the Air and Band of Brothers.

Churchill’s American Arsenal describes how British and American combat scientists and engineers, working both across the Atlantic and side by side, invented and brought to the front lines the weapons and innovations that won World War Two. The book is constructed around Churchill’s post-Dunkirk speech, each chapter describing how these inventions played key roles in various parts of the European campaign: fight in the air, fight on the seas and oceans, fight on the beaches….

Each episode of the miniseries would be character-driven, with the focus on the American and British combat scientists who were equally home in the laboratory and on the war front – not only building and testing the latest inventions (radars, fighters, tanks….) but also demonstrating them in battle alongside the foot soldiers and deckplate sailors. An international cast would bring the personal stories of these real-life combat scientists into vivid detail.

Think of The Imitation Game meets Saving Private Ryan, serialize it, and you have Churchill’s American Arsenal – the miniseries.
Learn more about Churchill's American Arsenal at the Oxford University Press website.

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