Thursday, December 8, 2022

Zachary Daniel's "Manifest Destiny"

Zachary Daniel is Midwest native raised in Germantown, Wisconsin. Now residing in Salem, Oregon he enjoys sports, travel, boating, family, friends and drink.

He graduated University of Wisconsin La-Crosse with a degree in Nuclear Medicine. Not too long after, he transitioned to finance and started Digital Edge Wealth Management.

Here Daniel dreamcasts the lead for an adaptation of his new novel, Manifest Destiny:
The lead role would go to Edward Norton. An actor with a wide range and many projects under his belt, but this role would be most akin to his part in Fight Club. The look of a middle age white guy. A slight social disconnect to his perception of self and how those around him perceive him. A troubled and haunted individual who deals with his past in unhealthy ways.

Norton could pull off the role so well because the lead would require an actor to play a complex emotional range needed to bring the character to life. A life where the main character holds onto past traumas that cloud his judgment. Is estranged from his family and struggles to reconnect. Has anger buried deep, but can put on a happy façade at times. Is both impulsive, and dangerous if paths are crossed wrong. Sometimes awkward and sometimes cruel, there is always an element when he's on screen that you don't know what he might do because he is capable of anything. When the novel is made into a movie, I hope he plays it.
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