Thursday, December 15, 2022

Lorna Landvik's "Last Circle of Love"

Lorna Landvik's novels include the bestselling Patty Jane’s House of Curl, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, and Chronicles of a Radical Hag (with Recipes).

Also an actor and playwright, Landvik has performed on numerous stages. A recent DNA test determined she’s 95 percent Norwegian and 5 percent wild.

Here the author dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, Last Circle of Love:
I'm a big movie fan (although I'm getting tired of all these movies about super heroes who fly, become invisible, can scale skyscrapers, etc. -- when did Hollywood forget the real super heroes are regular people who figure out how to be/how to love/how to flourish in this world?).

If Last Circle of Love were made into a movie, its cast would be women who should be on screen more, but whose age (wrongfully) limits their roles. It'd be great to see Jane Fonda as Velda, the physically agile 80-year-old whose mind and world-view are becoming more supple as well. Sally Field could wonderfully play innocent, ebullient Edie and for Marlys, I think Reba McIntyre would nail the part. Christine Lahti could play a chic, ironic Bunny and Charlene, the youngest, but most uptight circle member, could be played by Naomi Watts.

Pastor Pete (Mallory Peterson) is a forward-thinking minister in her mid-thirties -- Blake Lively? Scarlett Johannson? For her friend, LeAnn -- Jessica Biel, Gal Gadot?

Godfrey is the in-recovery church custodian -- I could see a bearded, bedraggled Ryan Gosling. For Tad, the quirky choir director -- Daniel Radcliffe. LaVerne Cox would make a perfect Jolie. I think Brad Pitt would have a lot of fun playing Charlie, but as it's a much smaller part, I can't see him climbing aboard. (Although never say never...)

And psst -- any producer/casting director -- I'd be fabulous in any minor -- or what the hay, major -- role.
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