Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adam Mitzner's "Losing Faith"

Adam Mitzner's books include A Case of Redemption and A Conflict of Interest.

Here he dreamcasts an adaptation of his new novel, Losing Faith:
I try to stay away from imagining the book on film as I’m writing because I think it can make the descriptions of the characters less rich, using short-hand rather than really delving into their characteristics. That being said, I'd absolutely love to see Losing Faith on the big screen (or the small one), and here’s who I would cast in its leading roles:

Aaron Littman. The protagonist of Losing Faith is fifty years old and the chairman of the most powerful law firm in New York City, and the book’s main story line concerns his efforts to stay atop that lofted perch. I think the obvious choice would be George Clooney, but I could also see Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, or even Pierce Brosnan playing the role – assuming they would do it with a New York accent.

Cynthia Littman. Aaron’s wife has to be a match for her husband, and believable as a doctor. Julianne Moore would be perfect.

Faith Nichols. The title character should mirror Cynthia Littman – an equal to Aaron in every way. I’d give Julianne Moore her pick of whether she’d rather play Faith or Cynthia, and if she then cast the other with one of the following: Julianna Margulies, January Jones, or Halle Berry.

Samuel Rosenthal. The description of Rosenthal on the first page is my favorite one in the book:
Samuel Rosenthal is almost comically the opposite. He’s more than a half foot shorter than Aaron, he doesn’t have a single hair on his head, and his right side droops slightly, the last vestige of the accident that nearly killed him decades ago. Yet Rosenthal is the personification of the expression that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. At seventy-one, he’s still a wartime consigliere of the first order. The type of lawyer who takes no prisoners and leaves no earth unscorched.
I’d cast a Hollywood legend in that role: Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Kingsley. Perhaps not legends in the same category, but Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito would be fun to see as Rosenthal too.

Rachel London. The beautiful and ambitious lawyer in love with Aaron, with secrets of her own. Claire Danes is a favorite. Also Olivia Wilde.

Nicolai Garkov. He is obviously the most difficult to cast – as a 7-foot-tall Russian is likely not found in Central Casting. Whoever plays the role has to tower over everyone else, and have the swagger of a Bond villain. I can see Vince Vaughn (assuming he dons a blonde wig), chewing the scenery quite nicely.
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