Saturday, April 4, 2015

Amy Scheibe's "A Fireproof Home for the Bride"

Born in Minnesota and reared in North Dakota, Amy Scheibe currently lives in Manhattan with her husband, Brian Flynn, and their two children.

Here Scheibe dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, A Fireproof Home for the Bride:
I didn’t have any actors in mind when I wrote A Fireproof Home for the Bride, but then I saw this photo about a year ago and I thought yes, Elle Fanning as Emmy Nelson and Glenn Close as Josephine Randall. Elle is more interesting looking than beautiful—though she is that too. The spark that lights up Emmy has to come from inside, and Elle has this in her eyes.

Dream casting continued for the trio of Emmy’s love interests: For Ambrose Brann, the estranged betrothed I’d go for Kellan Lutz. He has those smoky farmboy good looks with just a hint of unpredictable—bonus, he’s from North Dakota! Bobby Doyle could be played winningly by Dane Dehaan. And Jim Klein is a homerun with Jake Gyllenhaal.
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--Marshal Zeringue