Friday, April 3, 2015

Kit Alloway's "Dreamfire"

Kit Alloway writes primarily for young adults, having always had an affection for teenagers. In addition to writing, she plays various musical instruments, decorates cakes, mixes essential oils, and studies East European languages. She lives in Louisville, KY with her family and four very tiny dogs.

Here Alloway dreamcasts an adaptation of Dreamfire, her debut novel:
My father is a film historian, so I think about movies a lot. In my opinion, Dakota Fanning is the best young actress working today. She’s prettier than I imagined Josh, but she has a real vulnerability about her, I think she would be capable of conveying Josh’s complexity. Other ideas:

Deloise = Caroline Sunshine

Winsor = Victoria Justice as Winsor

Will = Logan Lerman

Whim = Cody Simpson

I personally think that casting great actors in the adult roles in YA adaptations can really bring a movie up a notch (witness Emma Thompson in Beautiful Creatures). Anthony Heald is a phenomenal actor who would make a perfect Peregrine. Gary Oldman as Young Ben (because every movie should have Gary Oldman). Jessica Chastain as Davita. Eddie Redmayne as Feodor. Maggie Smith as Dustine.

As for directors, I think Kenneth Branagh could do a fabulous job. He’s such a great actor that I would expect him to be able to promote and respect the storyline, but he also knows how to direct action, and he has a wonderful visual style. If he’s not available ... Ang Lee?

But the thing that matters most to me: We’ve got to get Hans Zimmer to do the score. His score for The Lion King (not the songs, the score) is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever played.
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