Thursday, April 2, 2015

Douglas Nicholas's "Throne of Darkness"

Douglas Nicholas is an award-winning poet, whose work has appeared in numerous poetry journals.

Here Nicholas dreamcasts an adaptation of his new dark fantasy novel Throne of Darkness, which follows Something Red and The Wicked:
The only actor I have a clear preference for would be Charlize Theron for Molly. She would have to play about 13 years older—Molly is 53 years old in Something Red— and she’d have to gain or otherwise fake more bodyweight, but she’s proved fearless in altering her appearance in Monster, and I think she’d be right for the part.

Russell Crowe might be good for Jack—he’s burly without looking steroid-artificial.

Other characters are clear to my mind’s eye, but I can’t match them to actors. Mark Strong would have made a good Sir Tarquin, the villain in the previous book, The Wicked.
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--Marshal Zeringue