Thursday, April 9, 2015

S. M. Hulse's "Black River"

S. M. Hulse received her MFA from the University of Oregon and was a fiction fellow at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her stories have appeared in Willow Springs, Witness, and Salamander. A horsewoman and fiddler, she has spent time in Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon.

Here Hulse shares some thoughts on a big screen adaptation of her new novel, Black River:
I’ve had quite a few people ask me who I’d cast in a movie version of Black River, and I’ve disappointed most of them by admitting that I simply don’t know which actors I’d choose to play the major characters. I have no doubt there are many actors, both known and unknown, who could do justice to and put their own unique spin on my characters, and I hope someday I’ll have the opportunity to see just that happen, but I’ll be happy to leave the casting decisions to those better qualified to make them. That said, I do have a dream director for Black River: Robert Redford. Even a cursory glance at his body of work as both an actor and director shows that he has an affinity for the American West, and A River Runs Through It, which he directed, is one of my favorite literary adaptations. (And hey, if Redford wants to play Wes or Farmer in the movie version of Black River, he’ll get no argument from me!)
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